• PRORAGIS Case Studies

    NRPA has developed a number of case studies and examples to show how agencies can use the power of PRORAGIS to answer questions, address pressing issues, work with the media, and more effectively manage assets. NRPA members are using the power of PRORAGIS™ to educate, advocate and plan. 


    As a consultant, I performed a benchmark analysis for a large urban park and recreation agency's master plan. Comparing and analyzing the data from 14 park agencies and districts - budgets, parks, trails, facilities and programs - is a daunting task. PRORAGIS simplified the process and ensured accuracy. I am also a legislative advocate, and the GIS mapping feature provides a visual that complements the operating data. PRORAGIS helps demonstrate parks and recreation's impact in your community from a conservation, health and wellness, and social equity perspective. 

    --Mark Alan Young, Parks Forever Consulting

    As a consultant who works with a variety of agencies nationwide, PRORAGIS is a valuable tool as a source of comparison to other agencies. This is particularly useful in identifying the appropriate level of parkland and amenities.  Furthermore, it’s very valuable in comparing budget resources, particularly when an agency needs to tell its story to the public about the need for additional parkland or facilities.

    --Barbara Heller, Heller and Heller Consulting, Inc., Schaumburg, IL

    We regularly use the budget comparison feature in PRORAGIS to help our internal teams understand how they compare to similar agencies across the country.

    -- Greg Hohenberger, Operations Manager, Canton Leisure Services, Canton, MI

    PRORAGIS provides good benchmarking information and can assist with analyzing your agency’s data. Kettering has used PRORAGIS for department projects that required more comparative metrics for analytical purposes. The extracted PRORAGIS information can confirm or deny assumptions you have about your agency’s own data.

    -- Mary Beth Thaman, Director of Parks Recreation and Cultural Arts, City of Kettering, OH

    Case Studies

    See how the City of Fort Collins used PRORAGIS data.

    The Salary Scenario

    Salary Scenario Case Study By comparing the data in your PRORAGIS profile to others from around the country, you can discover in which areas you excel and in which areas you may need some help. This information is not only good for understanding how efficiently you operate, but you could potentially use this information as talking points with the media or to support budget requests.

    Read the Salary Scenario PRORAGIS case study.


    The Consultant Scenario

    Consultant Scenario Case StudyPRORAGIS contains dozens of key data points that agencies can use in their budgeting, staffing and master planning processes. Having this valuable information allows agencies to see how well they are operating as well as where they might need to direct some attention.

    Read the Consultant Scenario PRORAGIS case study.


    The Playground Scenario

    Playground Scenario Case StudyBy comparing your data to others from around the state or the country, you can gather evidence and support to address the needs of your local population. And because PRORAGIS is comprehensive, there are almost limitless comparison points that can help you plan and operate more effectively

    Read the Playground Scenario PRORAGIS case study.


    The GIS Scenario

    GIS Scenario Case StudyThe GIS component of PRORAGIS is a dynamic system that includes numerous data overlays as well as links to additional research and data sources. By uploading your GIS data into PRORAGIS, your agency has access to all of these tools, saving you time and money.

    Read The GIS Scenario PRORAGIS case study.


    The (Enhanced) Power of PRORAGIS 2.0
    By David Kurtz
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: July 2015 Issue
    Summary: PRORAGIS 2.0 is NRPA’s new and improved way to compare metrics and glean detailed information about the field of parks and recreation.

    PRORAGIS to Measure Park and Recreation’s Economic Impact
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D.
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: May 2015 Issue
    Summary: PRORAGIS will help NRPA and its partners better determine the economic impact of parks and recreation.

    Did You Miss Out?
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D.
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: March 2015 Issue
    Summary: If you haven’t completed a PRORAGIS™ survey in the past few years, you didn’t get a Parks and Recreation Community Standards Report in the mail. Maybe you're curious about what you missed?

    PRORAGIS and Playground Facilities
    By David Kurtz
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: February 2015 Issue
    Summary: Data from PRORAGIS™ shows that approximately 96 percent of park and recreation agencies offer playground facilities, almost all of which are at no cost to the public.

    The Evolution of PRORAGIS
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D.
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: January 2015 Issue
    Summary: NRPA's national recreation and park database is continuing to develop to best help agencies manage and plan their resources effectively.

    PRORAGIS and Special-Needs Populations
    By David Kurtz and Travis Smith, Ph.D.
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: December 2014 Issue
    Summary: Data from PRORAGIS tells us more agencies are programming with special needs populations in mind.

    Combating Hunger through Parks and Recreation
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D., and Rishma Parpia
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: November 2014 Issue
    Summary: Data from PRORAGIS™ show the critical hunger gap park and recreation agencies fill during out-of-school time.

    Community Gardens Yield Community Benefits
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D., and Rishma Parpia
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: October 2014 Issue
    Summary: Community gardens are becoming a common feature at an increasing number of parks and recreation areas.

    To Host or Not to Host: Nontraditional Events
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D.
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: September 2014 Issue
    Summary: Park professionals must consider many factors when hosting a nontraditional event as these races and contest become more popular.

    Changing Golf Stats
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D.
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: August 2014 Issue
    Summary: As fewer people flock to local golf courses, operators and programmers look for new ways to market the game and bring in new players.

    Sports and Concussions
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D.
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: July 2014 Issue
    Summary: PRORAGIS data showcases the serious problems stemming from concussions in youth sports.

    PRORAGIS and Trails
    By Travis Smith, Ph.D.
    Parks & Recreation Magazine: June 2014 Issue
    Summary: Active transportation options, including trails, show strongly in PRORAGIS data, which ties in with recent research and legislative options promoting their significance and continued growth.


    If your agency has used the power of PRORAGIS, please share your story by sending us a note at proragis@nrpa.org.


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