PRORAGIS is an online database that collects, compiles, and reports data related to park and recreation departments’ operating and geographic information. This page, PRORAGIS 101, is intended to walk you through the steps of submitting your PRORAGIS profile - both survey and GIS data. NRPA hopes the instructions lead you to completing your agency's profile quickly and efficiently.

    Getting started

    Go to www.nrpa.org/proragis and click on the blue PRORAGIS login button.

    1. If you already have an NRPA account, log in; if not, register. (You do not need to be a member to register.) When you log in to PRORAGIS for the first time, you will initially be asked to submit basic contact information for the administration of your PRORAGIS account.
    2. Click on the "Profile Management" tab to access the PRORAGIS profile and begin submitting your agency's data.

    Notice the “Participation Status” table toward the end of the page that certifies the number of complete profile sections. You may wish to refer to this table while completing your profile to confirm sections are being saved.

    Survey data

    On the “Profile Management” page, you must select a year for data entry; then click on "Go to Profile." (If your fiscal year is not on calendar year, please hover over the question mark icon by "fiscal year" and it will provide instructions.)

    1. On the second row of tabs, under “Profile Management,” notice 7 survey tabs (Jurisdiction, Department Details, Programs, Budget/Funding, Personnel, Facilities, and Park Lands) and 1 GIS tab.
    2. It is recommended that you begin your profile by working through the first 7 survey section tabs. You can work through them in any order. Additionally, you can scroll to the bottom of any section and click the "Save This Section" button to save your work and return at a later time to complete at your convenience.
    3. Once you've entered all the data possible for an individual section, check the box at the end of the page that indicates you have finished the section to the best of your ability and then click the "Save This Section" button.
    4. Notice that on many survey pages there are questions with a question mark icon. Hover over the icon to read a clarification of the question or certain terms.
    5. After working through each section, return to the “Profile Management page” to confirm that the “Participation Status” table at the end of the page indicates all survey sections were successfully saved.
    6. Once you've submitted all 7 survey sections, click on the GIS tab (the last tab on the right).

    Gathering all of your agency's survey data may take some time to complete. As much of the data may not change significantly from year to year, when you begin to enter for data for subsequent years, you can use the COPY function on the “Profile Management” tab to copy data from one year to the next as a starting point. You may also ADD USERS to give additional users access to your PRORAGIS account.

    GIS data

    Click here to view detailed instructions on uploading your GIS data (A.) with a File Geodatabase, (B.) an Excel template, or (C.) manually.

    Questions? Contact Bill Beckner.

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