U S Communities

US Communities Logo 2016U.S. Communities is the leading national local government purchasing cooperative that offers contracts competitively solicited by lead public agencies on behalf of public agencies nationwide. U.S. Communities is jointly sponsored by the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO), the National Association of Counties (NACO), the National Governors Association, the National League of Cities (NLC), and the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM).

What Is Cooperative Purchasing?

Cooperative purchasing combines the collective buying power of multiple agencies in order to provide a contract that can be utilized by other public agencies. A cooperative contract can improve the overall effectiveness of the purchasing process by providing volume discounts, administrative savings and other benefits. Some cooperatives operate nationally and some locally, so it is important to research each contract individually. 

Read more about cooperative purchasing in Parks & Recreation magazine.

What do Premier members receive? 

Premier members can register with U. S. Communities today to have access to the thousands of quality products from multiple suppliers available through its contracts. By registering for the program, you are neither committing to participate nor binding your agency in any manner; your agency will still have the ability to make choices outside of U.S. Communities. Compare the U.S. Communities contracts with the contracts your agency currently has in place. We believe you will be impressed with their offerings.

What are the advantages of participating in U.S. Communities?  

  • All contracts are competitively solicited by a lead public agency
  • Best supplier overall government pricing
  • No user fees
  • Non- Binding/No minimum purchasing requirements
  • Sponsored by 70+ state and regional organizations
  • Broad range of high quality products
  • Third party audits performed for compliance with contract pricing, terms and conditions
  • Contract benchmarking ensures supplier “lowest cost to government commitment” is met 
  • Oversight by key public purchasing professionals

U. S. Communities has a vast array of offerings to meet your needs, including contracts with your favorite suppliers in categories such as:

  • Park & Playground Equipment
  • Athletic Equipment and P.E. Supplies
  • Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
  • Facilities Products & Solutions
  • Technology Solutions
  • Office Supplies
  • Specialty Solutions including Food, Flooring, Uniforms, Auto Parts & More

Click here for information on these and other valuable U.S. Communities contracts. 

Steps to Get Started:  

  1. Visit U.S. Communities and then click the red "Register" button at the top right.   
  2. Click on “Request Contact” (this is the second step on the registration page.)  Your local supplier will contact you about getting started or if you already have a local representative with the company you are interested in then let them know you are registered with the program.
  3. Do business directly with the selected company.