Aquatic Program Discounts

NRPA knows how important a comprehensive aquatics program is to your community and has heard your financial challenges delivering these programs. We listened and acted.

We’re confident that members will see the benefit of these competitive prices and savings.

Starfish Aquatic Institute (SAI)

SAISAI’s mission is to reduce drowning and save lives by providing reputable and responsive aquatic safety training programs and services delivered to the public through a network of friendly, knowledgeable aquatic professionals who serve as independent authorized training providers.  

In addition, NRPA coordinated with SAI so members would have the option of signing up for their Starguard Lifeguard Training Program and Starfish Swimming Instruction Program together to reap a 20 percent discount on their all-inclusive start-up and training package. SAI also offers the option to sign up for each program individually for 15 and 10 percent discount respectively. NRPA members who are existing authorized providers of SAI programs will receive a 20 percent discount on selected program-related products offered throughout the year.


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