Accessibility Audits Discount Program

Accessibility Audits Discount ProgramIf your agency doesn’t meet the Justice Department’s 2010 revised ADA-regulations as of March 15, 2012 you are at risk for financial penalties and possible legal action.

Completing an audit and transition plan should be a priority to ensure your agency doesn’t face legal action. Recreation facilities – including fitness centers, swimming pools and sports centers— are particularly vulnerable as new areas for compliance not previously covered in the 1991 regulations.

To help agencies transition to the new standards, NRPA has partnered with Recreation Accessibility Consultants, LLC to provide NRPA Premier members with the following discounts:

  • A 10% discount on all accessibility audits and services
  • For those projects costing an NRPA Premier member $100,000 or more, an additional 1% discount will be provided per $25,000, up to a maximum of 15% discount

For additional information on Recreation Accessibility Consultants, LLC please contact John McGovern, or 224-293-6451.