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Parks Going Mobile is a Growing Trend -- Are You Ready?

Guide by Cell

The NRPA and Guide by Cell are bringing affordable and easy mobile solutions to parks and outdoor facilities across the country. We’re providing the technology to enhance visitor experiences and expanding educational opportunities through cell phone, audio tours, text messaging, mobile websites and mobile fundraising.  


Mobile technology is the future of information sharing and interactive experiences. Founded in 2004, Guide By Cell is a thought leader in the mobile space for parks and recreation agencies, nature preserves and outdoor spaces. We’ve worked with thousands of organizations and parks to reach an increasingly mobile audience to enhance and increase user engagement.  

All Premiere Members of the NRPA Will Receive a 30% Discount on Guide by Cell Services!

How can your park go mobile?  

  • QR Codes – A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode, now appearing on park signs and brochures. Once scanned, the QR code can lead the visitor to targeted content relating to your park. Instantly link visitors to a multimedia page designed for viewing on a mobile device. Content can include video, audio clips, photos and more. To learn more about QR Codes, please click here.  
  • Mobile Audio Tours – Guide your visitors through your park through their self guided cell phone audio tour. Our cell phone audio tour platform is a simple, convenient, and affordable way to offer further information about your park. You may also include audio feedback lilnes for your visitors, text message integration and more. To learn more about mobile audio tours, please click here
  • Text Message Alerts – Alert your visitors about up-to-date information about park closures, special events or weather advisories. Our text messaging platform makes it easy to start a text message campaign in mere minutes. Stay in-touch with your visitors, share information, encourage donations and have visitors sign-up for newsletters. To learn more about text messaging campaigns, please click here.  
  • Mobile Websites – Our Mobile Website platform allows you to share multimedia coontent, including video, audio, text, and images through a mobile phone.  Our mobile website builder is affordable, easy to use, does not require an I.T. Department, and allows you to create mobile websites that look great across all smart phones, and are also accessible via QR Code and Text Message.  Our clients mainly use this service for one of two purposes:  
    1. Create a mobile guide for interpretation to include more targeted content such as videos and photos associated with an exhibition
    2. Convert current website into a mobile version that looks great on a small screen and is easy to use from any smartphone.  
  • Mobile Donations – We provide three mobile fundraising services allowing you the opportunity to reach a larger donor base at anytime and letting your supporters give on the go using their mobile device to donate to your cause. To learn more about mobile donations, please click here.  

Under the partnership between NRPA and Guide by Cell, Premiere members receive a 30% discount on Guide by Cell services.  

Additionally, Premiere members will receive the latest technology news, trends and development information through Guide by Cell, and will be fitted with a personal consultation and marketing session for the best tips for engaging audiences through mobile. Guide by Cell helps parks makes the process of beginning a mobile campaign simple and convenient.  

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Contact Dave Asheim at (415) 615-0150 to start your mobile campaign today. Mention you’re a NRPA Premiere member to receive a 30% discount on Guide by Cell services.