Summer and After-School Feeding Programs: A partnership between the Food Research and Action Center and NRPA

After school Nutrition Programs

Health and Livability Feeding ProgramsFederal funding is available for Parks and Recreation Departments to serve healthy snacks and meals to children in after school programs. Good nutrition allows children to be fully engaged in the educational and enrichment activities at after school programs. Food also helps attract children to after school programs, especially older children who have more of a say in determining whether or not they participate. Click here to find out more about federal funding to serve children snacks and meals after school.

Summer Food Service Program

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides federal funding for serving healthy meals and snacks to children during the summer. Park and Recreation Departments can support their summer programs and help the community by operating this program. To qualify as a site, the facility must be located in a low-income neighborhood (at least 50 percent or more of the children in the area are eligible for free or reduced-price meals) or must serve primarily low-income children (at least 50 percent of the children must be eligible for free or reduced-price meals). Click here for more information. 

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To learn more about how you can participate in after school or summer nutrition programs, contact your state’s Child Nutrition Agency. View a directory of agencies. 

Questions? Contact Signe Anderson, at the Food Research & Action Center.