PGA PerformanceTrak


Created in 2005, PGA PerformanceTrak  now serves an industry-leading role in providing golf course operators with business metrics, benchmarking tools and information to enhance member and facility performance. 

Through this confidential and complimentary service, PGA Professionals, employers and allied partners, including NRPA leaders, are provided with reporting tools to enable them to easily enter monthly data, evaluate their performance in comparison to their market and act on business decisions in a timely basis. 

Key operating metrics include:

  • Golf rounds played
  • Golf utilization levels
  • Days open for play
  • Key revenue statistics including golf fee revenue, merchandise sales, food and beverage sales and total revenues
  • Monthly and year-to-date analysis with comparisons to previous year’s results

Watch the PGA PerformanceTrak video and start managing and evaluating the your facilities operations.