Green Parks Green Kids

green parks green kidsNRPA believes children today are spending too much time indoors, often fixated on television and computer screens, and too little time outdoors. Time spent outdoors not only provides an important distraction from today's fast-paced lifestyle, but is shown to have positive impacts on mental and physical health. 

Allowing an inch worm to dance across a finger, peeking at newly hatched baby birds, watching a planted seed sprout towards the sun...A individual's connection to nature often begins with the simplest of observations as a child. Through Green Parks Green Kids, NRPA and its national partners are helping children discover the great out-of-doors. Instilling a passion for nature and outdoor places not only provides benefits today, but creates the next generation of environmental stewards - the future caretakers of our streams, wildlife, forests, and parks.

Thanks to support from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund in partnership with ESPN and the National Recreation Foundation, Green Parks Green Kids grants are expanding children's environmental education programs through local parks and recreation. 

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund grants:

  • City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, Texas
  • City of Stamford Recreation and Leisure Services, Connecticut


For more information about Green Parks Green Kids, please contact Jimmy O'Connor.