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by Posted on February 22, 2012

I must admit, last year when I stepped off the bus onto Capitol Hill, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was in the thick of a great battle.  It was my first year attending NRPA’s Legislative Forum event.  And even though I’ve lived in the DC area all my life and I’ve visited the monuments and museums with friends and family more times than I can recall—this time I felt like I had a purpose.


A bit dramatic?  Perhaps.  But, that feeling of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is shared among many who work in the park and recreation field and attend their first NRPA Legislative Forum.  Even those who have attended year after year and advocated on behalf of our park, recreation and conservation priorities to our country’s legislators understand the importance. This year, with numerous critical pieces of legislation on the table, we must understand the importance of attending Legislative Forum and why it is so important to have our voices heard.


I recently interviewed several past Legislative Forum attendees and asked them why they recommend attending, why they feel this event is so important and why they keep coming back:


Doug Vance Video Image 

Patty Dixon Video Image 

Amanda Rich Video Image 


What sentiments expressed in these videos resonate with you?  Veteran attendees, what would you share with those considering coming to Legislative Forum?  First timers, what are you looking forward to experiencing?  Perhaps walking down those majestic marble hallways and that first opportunity to be heard?


Parks and recreation facilities across the U.S. need you and your voice!  Join us and be heard. 


Click here to learn more about NRPA Legislative Forum.  


Written by:  Lisa Vega, NRPA Marketing Director 


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