APPI Energy

Reduce and Manage Energy Expenses with APPI Energy

APPINRPA has partnered with Affiliated Power Purchasers International (APPI Energy) to provide the Powerful Solutions Program, an exclusive Premier member benefit that assists members in managing and reducing their energy costs. APPI Energy navigates the maze of energy deregulation by negotiating favorable "real-time" pricing and contract terms and conditions with competitive energy suppliers across the country.

Serving 3,300 clients with locations across the United States, APPI Energy has 16-year proven track record of reducing costs for park and recreation service providers.   APPI Energy provides energy procurement services with minimal time commitment and no upfront cost to you!  As part of your NRPA Premier membership benefit, APPI Energy's team of experts, you can analyze your energy usage and negotiate the lowest price and best contract terms and conditions for your next supply.

Details of APPI Energy's Energy Procurement Process:

  • Discuss Member's current status, develop a procurement strategy and a plan of action
  • Retrieve, analyze, and review account information and usage data
  • Formulate an electronic Request For Proposal ("RFP")
  • Submit RFPs to qualified competitive energy suppliers
  • Utilize an online reverse auction platform, where applicable
  • Process responses from suppliers to the RFPs and review responses with Member
  • Process all documents and implement the Member's energy service with the new supplier
  • Provide ongoing consulting and account service to Member for the duration of the term of the agreement
  • Monitor energy markets, suppliers, and prices and review information with Member

APPI Energy's mission and operating model are based on one premise: providing superior, independent consulting services that manage and decrease energy expenses.

Visit APPI Energy on the web at or call 1-800-520-6685 or email us at