COAPRT Accredited Academic Programs

*Visits are scheduled during the months of November - April prior to the fall hearing.

During a program's accreditation hearing the Council can make one of the following actions regarding the program's accreditation status:

Action 1, Approval: Accreditation or re-accreditation is granted:

  • With commendations: Council may recognize exemplary performance with reference to specific standards and learning outcomes through commendations.
  • With or without recommendations:  Based on the Visitation Report and directly relating to the standards, the Council may suggest non-binding recommendations, which Programs/Specializations may choose to implement. Recommendations are considered minor in nature; they are not grounds for conditional accreditation, or for deferral or denial of accreditation.
  • With or without requirement of additional information and/or minor revisions:  Accreditation or reaccreditation will be contingent upon Program’s response to specific, minor concerns about one or more standards by a date specified in the motion. Failure to provide the requested changes or revisions within the time period will result in placement of the Program on Conditional status.

Action 2, Extension:  Extend current accreditation and defer action on reaccreditation with:

  • Conditions: Conditions are based on noncompliance with specific standards or failure to provide sufficient evidence to document compliance with the standards. Conditions are more serious than Recommendations and Requests for additional information and/or revisions, and may arise from “major concerns” noted by Site Visitors. In the case that a Program/Specialization fails to address conditions by the designated deadline, fails to address the conditions to the satisfaction of the Council, or submits no response to conditions by the established deadline, a warning is issued that withdrawal of accreditation is imminent. Upon receipt of a written petition from the institution and at its discretion, Council may extend conditions for an additional specified period of time. 
  • Warning:  The Program is placed on warning.  Warnings are formal statements issued by the Council that signal serious concerns about lack of evidence supporting compliance with standards and the imminent withdrawal of accreditation if issues are not addressed. Warnings are given when an accredited Program/Specialization is shown to have fallen significantly and/or consistently below standards, or has submitted materials that inadequately document compliance with conditions. It should be noted that the Council may issue a warning to a Program/Specialization that has not previously received one or more conditions. The Program/Specialization is warned that accreditation will be withdrawn if specific improvements are not made within a prescribed time.

Action 3, Deferral: Deferral refers to the act of delaying the decision on accreditation. Deferrals may occur only on initial accreditation reviews. A deferral may be issued when compelling evidence indicates that Program/Specialization weaknesses can be minimized or eliminated in a short period of time.

Action 4, Denial: Accreditation not granted/withdrawn

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br /> College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
 Department of Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences
 Dr. Gary Ellis, Professor and Department Head
 2261 TAMU
 College Station, TX 77843-2261
 Phone: 979-845-7324 Fax: 979-845-0446
 First Accredited: 10/97 Next Review: Congress 2014 Options: None

 Texas State University-San Marcos
 College of Education
 Department of Health and and Human Performance
 Division of Recreation Administration
 Dr. Jan Hodges, Program Coordinator
 600 University Avenue
 San Marcos, TX 78666-4616
 Phone: 512-245-7482 Fax: 512-245-8678
 First Accredited: 4/99 Next Review: Congress 2014 Options: D
 University of North Texas
 College of Education
 Department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation
 Recreation and Leisure Studies Program
 Dr. John Collins, Associate Professor
 1155 Union Circle #310769
 Denton, TX 76203-5017
 Phone: 940-565-3422 Fax: 940-565-4904
 First Accredited: 4/90 Next Review: Congress 2015 Options: None

 Brigham Young University
 Marriott School of Management
 Dept. of Recreation Management & Youth Leadership
 Patti Freeman, Department Chair
 273 Richards Building
 Provo, UT 84602-2031
 Phone: 801-422-3163 Fax: 801-422-0609
 First Accredited: 10/82 Next Review: Congress 2012 Options: D

 University of Utah
 College of Health
 Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
 Dr. Daniel Dustin, Professor and Chair
 250 South 1850 East, Room 200
 Salt Lake City, UT 84112
 Phone: 801-585-7560 Fax: 801-581-4930
 First Accredited: 4/79 Next Review: Congress 2014 Options: A B D

 Utah State University
 Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services
 Department of Health, Physical Education, & Recreation
 Parks & Recreation Program
 Dr. Dennis Nelson, Associate Professor
 UMC 7000 | Old Main Hall
 Logan, UT 84322-7000
 Phone: 435-797-1509 Fax: 435 797-3759
 First Accredited: 4/95 Next Review: Congress 2015 Options: None

 George Mason University
 College of Education and Human Development
 School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism
 Laurie Harmon, Assistant Professor
 10900 University Boulevard 204 Bull Run Hall
 Manassas, VA 20110
 Phone: 703-993-4565 Fax: 703-993-2025
 First Accredited: 10/04 Next Review: Congress 2014 Options: B D

 Longwood University
 College of Education & Human Services
 Department of Health, Athletic Training, Recreation and Kinesiology
 Therapeutic Recreation Program
 Dr. Rena' Koesler, Coordinator
 201 High Street
 Farmville, VA 23909
 Phone: 434 395-2550 Fax: 434 395-2380
 First Accredited: 10/82 Next Review: Congress 2012 Options: D

 Old Dominion University
 Darden College of Education
 Department of Human Movement Sciences
 Recreation and Tourism Studies
 Dr. Edwin Gomez, Associate Professor
 Student Recreation Center Room 2021
 Norfolk, VA 23529-0196
 Phone: 757-683-6309 Fax: 757-683-4270
 First Accredited: 10/84 Next Review: Congress 2014 Options: None

 Radford University
 College of Education and Human Development
 Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism
 Edward Udd, Professor and Chair
 Box 6963
 Radford, VA 24142
 Phone: 540-831-7720 Fax: 540-831-7719
 First Accredited: 4/79 Next Review: Congress 2014 Options: A D
 Virginia Wesleyan College
 Recreation and Leisure Studies Department
 Dr. Doug Kennedy, Professor and Associate dean
 Batten 208, Wesleyan Drive
 Norfolk, VA 23502
 Phone: 757 455 3305 Fax: 757 455-5739
 First Accredited: 10/84 Next Review: Congress 2014 Options: None

 Eastern Washington University
 College of Arts, Letters & Education
 Department of Physical Education, Health and Recreation
 Program in Recreation and Leisure Studies
 Dr. Matthew Chase, Director, Recreation Management Program
 200 Physical Education Building, PEHR Dept.
 Cheney, WA 99004-2476
 Phone: 509-359-7964 Fax: 509-359-4333
 First Accredited: 10/86 Next Review: Congress 2011 Options: A D

 Western Washington University
 The College of Humanities & Social Sciences
 Department of Physical Education, Health and Recreation
 Recreation Program
 Dr Keith Russell, Associate Professor
 516 High Street MS 9067
 Bellingham, WA 98225-9067
 Phone: 360-650-3529 Fax: 360-650-7447
 First Accredited: 10/86 Next Review: Congress 2012 Options: None

 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
 College of Science and Health
 Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation
 Steve Simpson, Department Chair
 1725 State St.
 La Crosse, WI 54601
 Phone: 608-785-8216 Fax: 608-785-8206
 First Accredited: 4/88 Next Review: Congress 2013 Options: A D