Help Bring Parks to Every Child and Community

Do you have childhood memories of playing at your local park? Pretending the merry-go-round was a flying saucer, challenging your best friend to who could make it all the way across the monkey bars, or your first kiss on a park bench?

It is through our local parks that we connect on a deeper level to the natural world around us, to our families, to each other and to our communities. At the National Recreation and Park Association, we believe that all people should have access to parks and recreation and honor this commitment through Parks Build Community.

We invite you to view this short video that demonstrates the transformative value of parks and recreation.

Parks not only make a community more livable and desirable, they are also deeply connected to many of our memories and family traditions. Sadly, this connection is becoming less universal as children are spending more time indoors, in part due to a lack of access to quality parks.

We are working to establish or revitalize parks in underserved neighborhoods across America and to bring great parks and recreation to every child and every community. In the first three years of this program we’ve positively influenced communities in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and Los Angeles, CA and continue our efforts to bring parks to all. In 2013 we will revitalize a park in Houston, TX.

We need your help with this effort so we ask, please think about making a gift that will give back for generations. Donate to support Parks Build Community and help revitalize communities and lives everywhere through parks and recreation.

Thank you for your support!


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Barbara Tulipane, CAE
Chief Executive Officer

PS: Help us spread the word on the positive impacts of parks in our communities! Share the video with your friends and family so they too can see the transformative effects of parks and recreation.