10 Ways to Get OUTside this July


by Roxanne Sutton | Posted on July 11, 2014

This July, we’ve been asking everyone to get OUTside and INspired through parks and recreation. I’ve said the phrases, “It’s Park and Recreation Month” and “OUT is IN” so many times it’s become less of a statement and more of an answer to questions.


Q: “Roxanne, what are you doing for lunch today?”

A: “It’s Park and Recreation Month!” 

Questioner walks away bewildered.




Q: “Roxanne, where should we have our meeting today?”

A: “OUT is IN!”

Everyone heads outside for meeting.


Thankfully, I’m not the only one with Park and Recreation Month fever. The number of photos posted on social media using #JulyOUTisIN has been overwhelming


Using inspiration from our members and social media followers, here are 10 ways to get OUTside this July that may be a bit different from the usual.


1. Move your office into a tree. Just remember, safety first!

2. Toasters are so last year. Crisp that toast over a campfire! 


3. Do laundry outside. Why pay for bottled “mountain air” scent when you can get it naturally?


4. Draw outside and find new mediums. Crayons are great and all, but rocks are rockin’!  


5. WorkOUT. 


6. Catch some Z’s al fresco style. 


7. Everyone takes their dog on a walk. Try cat walking!


8. Bake your cake and eat it too.


9. Grocery stores are chilly. Try picking up your produce outside.


10. And silly faces are always better outside.



Of course, traditional outdoor activities are always encouraged. The important thing to remember this July is that you can do more OUTside than you may think! And it’s not too late to join our OUT is IN Challenge. All you have to do is follow us on Instagram or Twitter and post a photo of an outdoor activity using #JulyOUTisIN. A random winner is chosen every day for a $50 Amazon gift card. Imaginary bonus points for creativity!


So, how are you getting OUTside this July? Share your ideas with us below or on social media.


Roxanne Sutton  is NRPA’s Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist and is going OUTside every day this July.





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