Calling Your Legislators

The effect of the phone call is similar to that of letter writing. If a significant number of calls are coming into the office concerning a certain issues, it raises the attention of the legislator's staff and will force the office to act on these constituent concerns.

The following are helpful tips to make your phone call more effective:

Begin the conversation by announcing who you are, where you are calling from and why you are calling. Out of state callers are often disregarded because they are not a member of the constituency. However, exceptions can be made for primary sponsors of legislation, committee chairpersons, and leadership offices.

Ask to speak with the staff person that deals with the issue you would like to address. If he or she is not available, ask to leave a message so that your call has been recorded.

Keep the message brief and focused. It helps if you include the bill number of the amendment's sponsor.
Ask for a written response to your request.

Don’t be intimidated. Although telephone calls can be unnerving as compared to writing a letter because you are speaking with someone personally, you are still a constituent with concerns that need to be heard. Also, you do not have to be an expert on the issue. Hearing your thoughts on the issue and its affect on you and your community is invaluable to your representative.