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Day in the Life: Share your experience

Type of Opportunity:


Sign-up Expiration Date:

Rolling submissions

Interest Area:

General interest

Contact Person:

Roxanne Sutton, Senior Marketing and Communication Specialist,; 703-858-2166

Description of opportunity:

NRPA is looking for volunteers interested in sharing what they do all day. This can be through a blog, short videos, twitter, or any other means that get at Day in the Life. Some examples include: Day in the Life of a Park Maintenance Professional; Day in the Life of an Agency Director; Day in the Life of a Fitness Professional—the list is endless

Level of Workload:

Easy to Moderate

Time Commitment:

1 day

Travel Requirement:

No travel required

Experience Required:

The only experience depends on the method for recording your day

Project/Task Deadline:


Number of Positions Needed:

One per title/area of responsibility

How to apply:

If you are interested in sharing your day, contact Roxanne Sutton, and mention this opportunity