PRORAGIS Park Values Calculator Contributor


PRORAGIS Park Values Calculator Contributor

Type of Opportunity:

Sign-up Expiration Date:
May 30, 2014

Interest Area:

Contact Person:
Travis Smith, [email protected]; 703-858-2185

Description of opportunity:

NRPA is seeking a volunteer for a short writing project related to the PRORAGIS Park Values Calculator Tool.  Volunteers would be asked to coordinate with NRPA’s Research Team to draft introductory text explaining the history, methodology, and potential uses of the Park Values Calculator Tool.  The Park Values Calculator Tool allows PRORAGIS users to estimate the value and cost savings that their parks bring to their community from functions such as proximity value or improvements in air quality.  The final product will be <200 words in easy to understand language that will acquaint a new user with the Park Values Calculator and provide direction to where they might obtain more detailed information, which will be displayed on the Park Values Calculator page in PRORAGIS.  While past experience/knowledge of PRORAGIS will be helpful, it is not required  

Level of Workload:

Time Commitment:
Less than 8 hours

Travel Requirement:
No travel required

Experience Required: 

Experience using PRORAGIS, particularly the Park Values Calculator (formerly the Eco-Benefit Calculator) will be helpful, but is not required.  Familiarity with methods used to estimate cost savings and indirect revenue values for parks will also help completion of this task, but is not required

Why you should consider applying:

This project will help NRPA explain the value of a tool we’re offering to PRORAGIS users.  Successful completion of this project will help users get a better idea of the value their parks bring to their communities

Project/Task Deadline:
May 30, 2014

Number of Positions Needed:

How to apply:

Please email Travis Smith at [email protected] or call at 703-858-2185