NRPA Connect Website Review Panelist


NRPA Connect Website Review Panelist

Type of Opportunity:


Sign-up Expiration Date:

March, 21 2014

Interest Area:

Professional Development, Marketing, Networking

Contact Person:

Eric Hamp, 703-858-2164, [email protected]

Description of opportunity:

NPRA members with experience navigating and using the NRPA Connect professional networking site needed to review new platform for the NRPA Connect site. Interested volunteers would be asked to contrast and compare the new site with the old, and provide feedback regarding functionality and ease-of-use. This includes working through a functional worksheet and scavenger hunt

Level of Workload:


Time Commitment:

Less than one day for website review, plus commitment to sending electronic feedback and perhaps a teleconference call

Travel Requirement:

No travel required

Experience Required:

Familiarity with existing professional networking site, NRPA Connect. Membership with NRPA required. Past experience with web design a plus, but not required

Project/Task Deadline:

One week after start date

Number of Positions Needed:


How to apply:

Please send the contact below detailing experience using the existing NRPA Connect site, plus any other pertinent qualifications

Eric Hamp, 703-858-2164, [email protected]