Membership Relations Task Force

Membership Relations Task Force

Type of Opportunity: 

Sign-up Expiration Date:
 June 27th , 2014

Interest Area: 

Contact Person:
Eric Hamp, [email protected], 703-858-2164

Description of opportunity:
NRPA Member Relations Task Force is a mix of new and seasoned industry professionals who volunteer to provide input on NRPA member relations endeavors, and be a resource for NRPA membership staff on the development of new benefits, engagement activities and strategies. Through this opportunity the task force will eagerly provide industry insight and support NRPA membership initiatives 

Skills needed:
• Strategic thinkers
• Ambassadors
• Creative and out the box thinkers

Level of Workload: 

Time Commitment: 
A few hours a month on average

Travel Requirement: 
No travel required

Experience Required: 
Open to all members interested in actively providing input on a variety of NRPA membership activities

Project/Task Deadline:
October 17, 2014

Number of Positions Needed:
How to apply:
Please send an email making your interest known to Eric Hamp, [email protected] Within your email, please include a brief summary statement (1-2 paragraphs) to describe how your experience/skills are a good match for this task force