Network Leadership Volunteer Opportunities

The NRPA Networks allow members the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences, share best practices, get new ideas and network with others. NRPA Connect serves as a communication tool for Networks. Networks are divided into interest areas.

The annual call for Network leaders commences in the spring. However, if you are interested in becoming invovled today, please  complete the Volunteer Application Form and return at your convenience. For additional information contact

Interest Area Networks:

The Administrators Network serves NRPA members who are or aspiring to be park and recreation agency leaders in federal, county, local and special district government and in private and voluntary agencies.

The Aquatics Network serves NRPA members who work in or are interested in aquatic facilities and programs. The Aquatics Network has a unified voice on issues involving the safety, health and quality of aquatics related programs, facilities and services for the enjoyment of all Americans.

The Armed Forces Recreation Network serves NRPA members who work in or are interested in Armed Forces Recreation. This can include military personnel, Defense Department civilian employees and individuals in agencies that provide recreation services to military personnel such as the Red Cross and United Services Organization.

The Citizen Network serves NRPA members who are elected or appointed citizen members concerned with parks, recreation and conservation. These include boards, commissions, councils, committees and other bodies such as city councils and county commissioners. This network is also open to those that would like to engage in discussion in topics concerning citizens.

The Education Network serves NRPA members affiliated with colleges or universities who are engaged in teaching, administration, research or extension services related to parks and recreation. This network also serves other members who would like to engage in discussion in topics concerning the education of parks and recreation.

The Inclusion & Accessibility Network serves NRPA members working to promote inclusion, accessibility and therapeutic recreation in parks and recreation.

The Leisure and Aging Network serves NRPA members working with the aging population and those interested in helping older Americans remain healthy and active through participation in recreational pursuits and ensuring the availability of leisure and recreational opportunities for older Americans.

The Park Resources Network serves NRPA members that advocate the sound planning, development and management of parks, natural/cultural resources, outdoor recreation, and environmental education and conservation programs.

The Tourism/Special Events Network serves NRPA members who are currently involved in or have an interest in the management, operation and programming of theme parks, tour and travel businesses, campgrounds, health and fitness clubs, country clubs, corporate employee service programs and resorts.

The Young Professional Network serves NRPA members who are students and young professionals as well as those that are interested in engaging in topics or discussions concerning students and young professionals.