Golf InstructionNRPA is the leading advocacy organization dedicated to the advancement of public parks, recreation and conservation opportunities. Founded in 1965 through the merger of five national organizations dedicated to the same cause. NRPA represents both agencies and individuals with a membership that exceeds 30,000. NRPA's partners with organizations that support NRPA's three areas of focus: 1)health and wellness, 2)conservation and 3)social equity. NRPA's grant partners include but are not limited to the federal government, nonprofits, and commercial enterprises.

NRPA is funded through membership dues, grants, conference, and charitable contributions. These funds are used to conduct research, education and policy initiatives on behalf of the movement. NRPA introduced legislation to fund urban parks and is a strong supporter of state side Land and Water Conservation Fund. (LWCF).

NRPA is a non-profit organization as specified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia.

To learn more about NRPA, review our site, locate staff or call 1.800.626.NRPA (6772).