ConservationProtecting open space, connecting children to nature, and engaging communities in conservation practices.

Core to the mission of public parks and recreation is the preservation of natural resources and the promotion of good conservation and stewardship practices. In today’s world, where conservation and environmental stewardship is on everyone’s minds, public parks and lands are viewed as essential to protect open space and preserve nature – our land, water, trees, open space, wildlife.

But even more so, we value what conservation of these resources bring to us such as clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, protection from and prevention of extreme weather events and more.

Public parks and recreation everywhere are engaging in good environmental stewardship practices that ensure communities and future generations can reap the benefits of a protected and enhanced recreational environment. Now more than ever, we must demonstrate and show how parks are essential to the quality of the environment and lives of all.

Watch NRPA’s President and CEO, Barbara Tulipane, CAE explain why conservation is an important mission for parks and recreation.

Position Statement

Communities Promoting Conservation

Parks & Recreation Magazine: Conservation Articles

New National Guidelines for Nature Play Areas
By Allen Cooper and Robin Moore
September 2014 Issue
Summary: Creative play in nature is becoming a hot topic in the park and recreation industry — new national guidelines help support park professionals to offer safe, educational and fun opportunities for children visiting their facilities.

Driving Sustainability Systematically: The Use of Environmental Management Systems in Parks
By Kevin A. Fletcher, Ph.D.
August 2014 Issue
Summary: Environmental Management Systems can help golf course operators be better stewards of the local environment by facilitating best conservation practices.

What’s Killing Our Birds and Bees?
By Richard J. Dolesh
July 2014 Issue
Summary: Neonicotinoid insecticides are causing major population declines in birds, bees and other wildlife.

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